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  • "Outta the Jungle" tiki mug


    "Outta the Jungle" is the first tiki mug from Tiki Republic.  Designed by artist Pierre Mosley, this mug is of the Tiki Republic logo and will surely become a collector's item.  Like many Polynesian tikis, the face was created to scare away evil spirits. The eyes represent a powerful volcanic eruption beyond the horizon, symbolizing a burning desire of untapped potential within all of us.  The volcanic eruption is also visible at the top of the mug. The gecko symbolizes spiritual guardians that reward the actions of those who do good.  More of the Tiki Republic logo symbolism can be found by clicking on the "ABOUT" button at the top of the task bar. This mug stands at 6 7/8 inches tall by 3 1/4 inches wide and is sturdy.

    The "Outta the Jungle" tiki mug will make a great addition to any tiki mug collection.  It's also great for those happy hour days at your island.  Adding your favorite spirit(s) to this mug will definitely help take your mind from where you are and help get you to that island state of mind where you wanna be.

    If you're in the metro Phoenix area email me.

    *This item is available worldwide.