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  • Hawaiian Warrior

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    This bad boy represents a Hawaiian Warrior. He is in full war mode ready to take on any adversaries. 

    The tribal designs on the back side are all Hawaiian. The spearheads down the back or spine represent warriors and strength. The vegetation designs on each side of the spearheads are Hawaiian royalty symbols. The triangles or shark teeth surrounding the entire back side are Hawaiian symbols of strength.

    This bad boy stands at 17 1/2 inches tall and is 11 inches wide. Hand carved from Mexican Fan Palm. It's sealed with a polyeurethane sealant. This was very fresh when cut. As the wood becomes exposed to air the color changes every day from white to a gold color. This color change is present in the images posted.

    Please contact me for shipping rates prior to purchasing as the tikis vary in weight and size. If you're in the metro Phoenix area email me.

    Mahalo for reading.