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  • Dual Hawaiian tiki

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    This bad boy has many Hawaiian symbols that pull it all together. First, the meaning of the word tiki is figure, so tiki is the name given to human-like figures that usually represent semi-gods. Tiki can also represent deified ancestors, priests and chiefs who became semi-gods after their passing. They symbolize protection, fertility and they serve as guardians.

    There are three circular borders encompassing and separating the two faces. At the top is the woven pattern. This typically symbolizes women and women's work. In the middle are spearheads that generally represent the warrior nature. At the bottom are ocean waves. The ocean is the second home to Polynesian people and place of rest when they leave for their last voyage. The stylisations of the oceans can often represent ideas such as life, change and continuity through change. 

    The tiki face above is alert and on guard. It can sense negativity prior to seeing it. The tiki face below and under the spearheads is in warrior mode keeping evil spirits at bay. The symbol in the center of the forehead is the Hawaiian symbol of royalty. Crisscrossing the face are triangular symbols pointing inward are symbols of shark teeth that represent strength thus enhancing the attack mode.

     This tiki stands at 37 inches tall and is 9 1/2 inches wide.

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